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Is blogging a thing of the past? Who knows... we're going for it anyway!

How to prepare for your activity.

So you've booked your activity either online or over the phone.

Check your inbox and you'll see your confirmation email.

This email contains the details of your booking, including what activity you've booked, the number of people, the date and meet time and location... you'll also receive a separate email containing your receipt of payment.

Your confirmation email will contain two links, these links take you to a page on our website containing more information about your activity and a medical questionnaire.

You'll need to make sure you click the correct link.

The link you want is the top one unless you've booked onto a specific paddlesport training course.

What to bring

We provide all the essential safety equipment including a buoyancy aid and helmet.

Some activities are wetter than others, wetsuits are provided for these.

We recommend arriving in what you wish to wear during your activity, this should be comfortable lightweight clothing, gym wear is ideal.

If you're intending on wearing a wetsuit, arrive in what you wish to wear underneath, swim wear or tight fitting gym wear.

You'll need to bring some footwear that you don't mind getting wet.

Old trainers are perfect, avoid flip flops and welly boots.

On warm days consider sunscreen, you may want to wear a peaked cap under your helmet.

Bring a water bottle or two... it can be thirsty work on the river.

On colder days you're welcome to wear gloves and a warm hat underneath your helmet.

We hope this blog has helped you prepare for your activity, or if you've not yet booked has given you some info to chew on before making your final decision.

We look forward to seeing you on the River or Canal.

Remember the following activities are available to book online.

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