Let's get serious!

When it comes to our environment, every decision we make has an impact. 

The team at Rapid Horizons are continually making steps to ensure the decisions we make as a company have positive impacts on the people we meet and the environment in which we operate

Did you know? The majority of pollution that ends up in our oceans & seas start in our rivers!


Trust us when we tell you, we spend a huge amount of time floating down rivers.

It's quite incredible what we encounter along the way, from gas bottles to garden furniture to kitchen appliances, we've seen it all but still the largest culprits are plastic bottles, crisp packets and wet wipes.

With all the buzz around climate change and carbon emissions have we forgotten about the most basic forms of pollution?

Millions of plastic bottles are produced  and purchased everyday, if they are disposed of properly and recycled then they shouldn't end up in land fill or floating down our rivers and in our oceans... this is one way you and me can do our little bit.

Now imagine, you don't purchase that plastic bottle... 

Suddenly you not only stop that bottle from ending somewhere it shouldn't but you also cut down the carbon emissions on every process that bottle would have gone through from creation to disposal... It's just a thought.

We don't claim to carbon neutral but we do what we can to do our little bit.

Responsible Adventure